bee themed birthday cakes - putting my twist on them
recipes · 03. March 2020
A few weeks ago I shared a blog post with you that was all about a bee themed birthday I was planning. I really love planning around a theme because it allows me to really get creative and think outside of the "I'll just make a chocolate cake" box. Not that I don't looove chocolate cake, that's definitely always an option. But the little decorations are what make it even more exciting...
bees & honeycomb party theme - inspiration board
recipes · 28. January 2020
"...This is an inspiration board for my plans for this year and it's a bit more elegant than the previous ones. It's definitely not a classic "birthday" theme and could easily be used as an inspiration for a baby shower or wedding (or just any party) as well. Also, we're talking about deserts/ party food, not the decoration. There are so many beautiful ideas on other blogs and I think I'll keep it simple."

coconut & raspberry cream puffs + pink lemonade from scratch
recipes · 28. March 2018
Did you ever make cream puffs? I was always kind of afraid to try them because it seemed sooo difficult. But once you know how it works it's pretty easy. Follow along to learn how to make delicious cream puffs, custard cream, pink lemonade and raspberry syrup all in one!
easy thai inspired healthy vegan & gluten free glass noodle soup recipe
recipes · 20. March 2018
Quick, easy and delicious thai inspired glass noodle soup with coconut milk. Gluten free. Vegetarian. Vegan. Do I have anything to add to get you in the cooking mood?

chocolate chip bread rolls  buns sprinkles yeast easy recipe quick fluffy soft
recipes · 05. March 2018
Are you looking for a quick sunday morning recipe to make your kids or yourself happy? Go ahead and make these (chocolate chip) sweet rolls!

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