easy Liberty London pouch - free pattern + tutorial
sewing  · 26. June 2020
Make a beautiful little zipper pouch in a patchwork look in 5 beginner friendly steps! This little bag is so pretty but easy to make and would make a great gift as well. Click here to go to the full (free, of course) tutorial!
5 brands that inspire me
sewing  · 24. June 2020
I'm sure if you're reading this post you have a Pinterest board or saved folder on Instagram where you collect the most magical outfits to refer back to in the future. If not, you should! I love searching for and exploring new small brands because just looking at their products, their colour schemes, patterns and photography inspires me so much.

4 ingredient lavender exfoliating body scrub
beauty & body · 18. May 2020
I don't know how I, as a person with very dry skin, have never tried making my own exfoliant, but now that I have spent my morning figuring out the perfect recipe: Go test it out for yourself! Because I love how mine turned out and can't wait to use it up so I can dream up the next essential oil combination.
easy air dry clay rainbow ornaments / gift tags
fun little projects · 05. April 2020
A few days ago I was going through my desk drawers and found a package of white air dry clay. I immediately remembered a project that has been on my mind for a while now: Mini rainbow ornaments! Every time I see one of these I think I should really try and make some because they are so cute and looked so easy to make.

04. April 2020
The silver lining during this challenging, a bit overwhelming virus situation is, for me personally, that I've finally been able to focus a bit more on my illustration skills.
tutorial - how to make your trousers high waisted
sewing  · 19. March 2020
With the virus situation going on and voluntary or official quarantine, a lot of us are trying to stay busy at home. I thought my precautious social isolation plan (thankfully I'm still on my semester break!) was the perfect opportunity to finally tackle the "alterations bin", which is technically a big paper bag, and fix some clothing that I almost forgot about.

bee themed birthday cakes - putting my twist on them
recipes · 03. March 2020
A few weeks ago I shared a blog post with you that was all about a bee themed birthday I was planning. I really love planning around a theme because it allows me to really get creative and think outside of the "I'll just make a chocolate cake" box. Not that I don't looove chocolate cake, that's definitely always an option. But the little decorations are what make it even more exciting...
bees & honeycomb party theme - inspiration board
recipes · 28. January 2020
"...This is an inspiration board for my plans for this year and it's a bit more elegant than the previous ones. It's definitely not a classic "birthday" theme and could easily be used as an inspiration for a baby shower or wedding (or just any party) as well. Also, we're talking about deserts/ party food, not the decoration. There are so many beautiful ideas on other blogs and I think I'll keep it simple."

home decor and interior · 18. June 2018
For the longest time we had a thin 79 Cent doormat from Ikea. Not because I didn't want to spend more. No. Because there were no pretty doormats out there. So I improvised because I was sick of our boring doormat and now I'm happy to share with you how easy it was!
coconut & raspberry cream puffs + pink lemonade from scratch
recipes · 28. March 2018
Did you ever make cream puffs? I was always kind of afraid to try them because it seemed sooo difficult. But once you know how it works it's pretty easy. Follow along to learn how to make delicious cream puffs, custard cream, pink lemonade and raspberry syrup all in one!

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