About this page

This page is meant to be a source of inspiration for your own creative projects, a place that will provide you with dreamy ideas as well knowledge about techniques and materials. I would say my three biggest inspirations are vintage Illustrations from children's books, art nouveau style and historical architecture. This website is my little passion project where I want to let you in on the fun. 


On this page I want to tell you a bit about myself and get a bit personal so you can get an idea of who I am as a person.

Why "Lara Charlotte Lu"?

Probably one of the most frequent questions I get asked. The answer is kind of funny! During the process of founding this brand, I had a lot of stages. Different concepts, different name ideas and different plans. But one day I decided that it was probably time to find something unique. I had heard of many small brands who had to re-name their business because of copyright litigations so I was trying to find something that's really one of a kind. 


When it came to me I had to chuckle a little. The most unique name I could think of was my own. Lara Charlotte Lu, I don't think there's another girl with these three first (!) names. Is it easy to remember? Probably not. Is it one of a kid? Definitely! I have heard that it was a compromise because someone in my family originally pleaded for "Morgana". However, I think a strong personal brand is necessarily connected to a strong individual and that is what I aspire to be. So enjoy searching for "it was something with Charlotte...", I'll be waiting right here and I'm very excited to meet you! 

And what is she about?

I have always loved creating. Whether it's illustrating, knitting, sewing or interior design, I'll add it to my list. I have created this page as an outlet for my creative energy and hopefully you can benefit from it too. Because I think it would be a shame if so many fabulous ideas wouldn't be shared. I'm not just talking about myself, I want to inspire YOU to get in touch with your creativity, feel the inspiration flow and get excited about a new project. 


I decided to put my blog page and my illustration business page under the same domain because they really go hand in hand. I could have created a separate business page just talking about my illustration and design, but I think how my designs come to life really goes hand in hand with who I am.

So I would be really excited to get to know you a little bit, become friends, and probably even work with you one day! 

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