5 brands that inspire me

I'm sure if you're reading this post you have a Pinterest board or saved folder on Instagram where you collect the most magical outfits to refer back to in the future. If not, you should!

I love searching for and exploring new small brands because just looking at their products, their colour schemes, patterns and photography inspires me so much. When I need some ideas for new sewing projects, paintings or even room decor I often refer back to these - sometimes I even just take a little catalogue I saved in my bookshelf, just to take a little "stroll" through the pages. Usually feel motivated after and have gathered some fresh ideas.


Please note - I'm not talking about copying a brand - you should never try to copy or duplicate a brand's product and most definitely not sell it. We're talking about inspiration, looking at dreamy or moody styling, interesting colour combinations or outfit inspiration.

The ultimate goal is to find inspiration to implement some of the element sin your ideas or invest in a piece you rally love from these brands.


That being said: LET'S GO! 

1. sezane

You probably already know them, they had to be mentioned here: Sezane!

Their dreamy, elegant French designs are just so feminine and dainty. I especially love their Lacey, fluffy knitwear. And the photography and styling of their shoots. The warm tones, burgundy red, soft pink and warm beige or mustard paired with some contrasting pastels are just perfect.


The only thing that I'm not 100% happy about is the fact that their models don't represent a lot of different women.

Tap on the photos above for individual sources!  

2. christy dawn

I found out about this gem only recently: Christy Dawn makes all of their items are made sustainably and responsibly in Los Angeles from deadstock fabric that other producers didn't need anymore. That also means if you really love something you need to be careful because if you think for too long, it might be sold out forever. 

But aren't their photos just screaming summer and freedom? It's always a good sign when a brand makes you feel like running barefoot on grass.

3. farm rio

Farm Roi feels a bit like a brand that is a bit more in a niche, but still one that is absolutely beautiful. Their colorful designs, patchwork inspiration and traditional influences make the brand unique and fun. I go to their website after I have turned my fabric scrap collection bag upside down, dumped everything on the floor and look at a big, colourful mess with lots of textures and patterns.

4. misha & puff

Misha & Puff is a brand I've been following for years because they make the most adorable hand knitted pieces for children. But recently they have expanded their spectrum and now make the prettiest jumpers, tops, hats and even silk scarves or clogs for women as well. You can even find a selection of handmade pieces from other small brands if you go to "friends" on their website. 

All of their classic knitted pieces are made by women in Peru under fair, sustainable conditions and if you follow them on Instagram you can even looks behind the scenes in their stories and see how all pieces are made.

5. horror vacui

Horror Vacui means "avoid emptiness" and the small brand from Germany definitely filles every edge and corner of their dresses with incredible details, pleats, ruffles, floss, scalloped edges and floral prints. Their designs are just a dream come true - coincidentally (or not?) they are inspired by nightgowns. I only found out about them recently and now I'm setting here swooning over their designs.

Definitely go and have a look at them!

I could go on and on here, but those a re my five picks for today - I I might continue this a s a little series in the future.

I wanted to include some brands that you might not know yet because I felt like Zimmermann, Reformation etc. are very popular by now and there is a lot more to explore out there. I hope you found some new favorites as well or at least gathered a little inspiration.


Feel free to share some other brands with me as well!


Until next time



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